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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mr Min Goes Home

Mr Min Goes Home

Mr Min Goes Home after two years
working in the Caribbean
A Site Manager of the Tamana Intech Park in Trinidad finishes his 2008-2010 tour of duty and happily heads home. We met Min Kuanding and two colleagues on Caribbean Airlines on December 1 on the leg between Barbados and St Maarten where he deplaned. His trip will take him through Paris and then Beijing before he reaches home to Nanjing, the capital of  Jiangsu province in the South of China.

Since 2003, Mr Min's company, China Jiangsu International Corp, has placed him on overseas projects. His first such assignment was in Malawi and then Zambia. He returned to Malawi for a second project and was then sent to Trinidad where he worked on the park, where the University of Trinidad and Tobago will be housed. He said that all of his overseas projects were for young people, such as schools. In Trinidad, the  roughly 200 construction workers that he supervises are all Chinese nationals, he says. In China, he would be supervising about 2,000 workers. This is his last overseas assignment as his wife is against him going overseas for work again.

CAL landing in St Maarten
While in Trinidad, he enjoyed relaxing at Maracas beach and viewing the beautiful spectacle of the annual Trinidad carnival. He preferred the food cooked by his company's Chinese cook to West Indian food, which he says he does not like at all.

Mr Min is proud to say that his son speaks and writes English well as he studied the language in school for four years. His son will start engineering studies at university next year.

He appreciated his stay in the Caribbean, he says, but will not be back for a vacation as it is too far away. Instead, he and his wife are looking forward to travelling across their own vast country and revisit Beijing and other major cities.

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